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Seronorm™ Human 4

Additional Information

Safety data sheets:

Seronorm™ Immunoassay Liq LOW

Liquid assayed immunoassay control in the low measuring range

Is a liquid human based control serum.
3 clinically relevant levels – each level available seperately.
Values for more than 50 components from the most frequently used instruments on the market.


17-OH-Progesterone IgE TBG
Aldosterone IgF-BP3 TSH
Androstendione PSA, total Vitamin B12
Cortisol T4, free 25-OH-Vitamin D, total
Ferritin Testosterone 25-OH-Vitamin D3

Please note:
Analyte composition and analyte concentration may vary with each LOT or instrument. Refer to the package insert of currently available lots for specific analyte and stability claims.




Instrument specific values for:

Abbott Alinity / Architect
Agilent UHPLC
Beckman Coulter Access / DxI
Diasorin Liaison
Siemens Centaur / Atellica / Immulite / BN ProSpec

Art. No

  • invicon REF 110 325
    (12 x 3 ml)
    Seronorm™ Immunoassay Liq Level 1
  • invicon REF 110 326
    (12 x 3 ml)
    Seronorm™ Immunoassay Liq Level 2
  • invicon REF 110 327
    (12 x 3 ml)
    Seronorm™ Immunoassay Liq Level 3
  • invicon REF 110 328
    (12 x 3 ml)
    Seronorm™ Immunoassay Liq Low


At -20 °C are stable until to the expiration date on the label

Once thawed and opened:
10 days at 2…8 °C
1 month aliquoted at -20 °C

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