Seronorm™ Human 4

invitrol® Urin dipIn

Liquid assayed control for urine teststrips

Concentration in 2 levels.
Human-based urine matrix.

Bilirubin, Hemoglobin, Creatinine, Glucose, hCG, Keton, Leukocytes, Microalbumin, Nitrite, Osmolarity, pH, Protein, Specific Gravity, Urobilinogen

Please note:
Analyte composition and analyte concentration may vary with each LOT or instrument. Refer to the package insert of currently available lots for specific analyte and stability claims.





  • Instrument specific values for:

    Siemens visuell, Siemens Clinitek, Siemens Clinitek Advantus, Siemens Clinitek Atlas, Roche Combur visuell, Roche Miditron / Criterion, Roche Urisys 1100, Roche Urisys 1800 / cobas U411, Machery-Nagel, Menarini Aution Max / Jet

  • REF 110 225   invitrol® Urin dipIn Kombi 2 x 3 x 12 ml
  • Unopened:

    At 2…8 °C are stable until to the expiration date on the label

    Once opened:

    8 weeks at 2...8 °C (20 reagent strip immersions)

    2 weeks at 18…25 °C (10 reagent strip immersions)


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