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Who we are?

Connecting competence for your quality control

For 15 years, the manufacturer and distributor of controls, invicon diagnostic concepts GmbH, has been a competent partner for numerous medical laboratories in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The company name is derived from the Latin term "in vitro", the "con" stands for sophisticated concepts relating to diagnostic controls. invicon has been ISO 13485 certified since 2007.

We produce, develop and sell high-quality and independent quality controls that guarantee smooth, safe and cost-effective routine diagnostics. Personal support and in-depth advice on individual quality concepts is important to us.

Our philosophy

Teamwork is quite important for us, so we are well networked, both internally and also with our cooperation partners.
This is our strength, because we respond to special customer requests on a direct, flexible, quick and efficient way. The internal work culture also benefits from this: Both, our field sales force and the employees in the Munich headquarters - are always in communication.

Our portfolio – a combination of our own brand
invitrol® and exclusive products from SERO and UTAK

Since 2005, invicon has been producing and distributing stable third-party controls for clinical chemistry, protein diagnostics and immunochemistry.

We follow a cost-saving multianalyte strategy – with only three quality control products we cover about 95 percent of routine serum analytes. Our controls are easy to use and based on a human matrix.

In addition to our own brand invitrol® branded we offer exclusive distribution products, such as Seronorm™ from the renowned SERO company in Norway and products from UTAK in the USA. The Seronorm™ controls are equipped by invicon via analytical data determination with target values specially adapted for the German market and optimized with RiLiBÄK-compliant permitted ranges.

invitrol® and Seronorm™ controls are mainly used in the routine area of protein or immunodiagnostics as well as clinical chemistry. The cooperation with UTAK enables a variety of QC solutions for drugs, medicines, toxicology and trace elements from whole blood, serum, plasma, urine and saliva for toxicology.

They all benefit in particular from the personal advice and ongoing support of our expert medical product consultants.

Our Competence

The team consists of the two founders of the company, biologist Hermann Borgel and biochemist Dr. Lydia Estermaier, the competent medical product consultants in the field and the expert functions in the company headquarters. All our employees are excellently trained and have both specialist knowledge and many years of experience.

They record the needs of the laboratories from various disciplines and pass them on to production or to cooperating manufacturing companies. True to the invicon CI "connecting competence", a network of different competencies is created that has a positive effect on the effectiveness of the controls and the rapid adaptation to new market requirements.

Connecting competence

Service and consultation-  
invicon your partner in the lab 

We are all aware: quality control is not one of the most popular tasks in the laboratory. Many people shy away from the complex and time-consuming construction of an individual quality control concept. If you choose invicon as your partner, we will be happy to create an individual QC concept for you.

 In contrast to many competitors, we still rely on the personal contact to the laboratory with our sales representatives in the field. One thing is particularly important to our Key Account Manager Angelika Petzold (MTLA): "A good sales relationship is characterized by openness and honesty. I would never sell a customer something that doesn't fit the particular laboratory situation," she emphasizes, adding that even after providing intensive advice to a customer, she questions whether quality control in the laboratory is now running smoothly and, above all, with as little of the MTA's own work and time as possible.

At the company's headquarters in the heart of Munich, the idea of service also determines our everyday work: for example, every employee is committed to handling telephone inquiries as quickly as possible. invicon is the opposite of anonymity - every customer has a direct contact person to whom they can turn at any time. In addition, updates of target values for our controls are emailed directly to the relevant contact person in the laboratory on an instrument-by-instrument basis.

Thus, the customer service around our controls has long been unique in Germany.

Our most important services at a glance:

  • Personal advice on site

  • Direct contact instead of anonymity

  • Short pathways,
    fast feedback

  • More analytes, less controls = more efficiency,
    less costs = less effort, more time

  • More consolidation, 
    reduced chaos

  • Certified target value determinations

  • Automated updates

  • LOT-reservation is possible

In the future everything is under control

We founded invicon with the aim of providing high quality diagnostic products with superior service. In the meantime, we have become highly specialized in the field of controls for internal QC and are interested in continuously improving ourselves in quality and service.


Of course, it is our personal concern to increase our level of awareness, to intensify contacts as well as to establish new ones. Because all those who know us also know the core of our work: invicon enables laboratories today and in the future to make their daily laboratory routine even more efficient and, above all, more pleasant with us as a reliable partner.