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Seronorm Immunoassay

Additional Information

Safety data sheets:

Seronorm™ Immunoassay Lyo

Lyophilized, serum-based multi-analyte control for internal quality control of cardiac markers, tumor markers and hormones

Comprehensive range of analytes with more than 50 analytes
Fewer different controls, reduces costs, saves time and space

Lyophilized material
Storage in refrigerator and delivery at room temperature possible

3 individually available levels
Selection of levels according to the needs of your laboratory


AFP DHEA-Sulfate Methylmalonic acid T4 total
Aldosterone Digoxin Myoglobin TBG
AMH EPO NT-proBNP Testosterone
Androstendione Estradiol Ostase Theophylline
Anti-TG Ferritin Progesterone Thyroglobulin
Anti-TPO Folate 17-α-OH-Progesterone Troponin I
β2-Microglobulin FSH Prolactin Troponin T
β-hCG /hCG HE4 PSA complexed TSH
CA 125 hGH PSA free Vitamin B12
CA 15-3 Homocysteine PSA total 25-OH-Vitamin D total
CA 19-9 IgE PTH intact  
CK-MB IgF-BP3 T3 free  
Cortisol Insulin T3 total  
C-Peptide LH T4 free


Please note:
Analyte composition and analyte concentration may vary with each lot or instrument. Refer to the package insert of currently available lots for specific analyte and stability claims.



Instrument specific values for:

Abbott Alinity / Architect
Beckman Access / DxI
bioMerieux vidas
Diasorin Liaison
Roche cobas e
Siemens Atellica / Centaur / Immulite
Tosoh AIA-2000

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Art. No

  • invicon REF 110 321
    (12 x 3 ml)
    Seronorm™ Immunoassay Lyo Level 1
  • invicon REF 110 322
    (12 x 3 ml)
    Seronorm™ Immunoassay Lyo Level 2
  • invicon REF 110 323
    (12 x 3 ml)
    Seronorm™ Immunoassay Lyo Level 3


At 2…8 °C are stable until to the expiration date on the label

After reconstruction:
10 days at 2…8 °C
1 month aliquoted at -20 °C