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Autonorm Clin Chem Liq

Additional Information

Safety data sheets:

Autonorm™ Clin Chem Liq

Liquid clinical chemistry control serum plus proteins and drugs in 3 levels

Ready-to-use liquid control
Fast and reliable monitoring of the performance of your measurements

3 individually available levels
Selection of values according to the needs of your laboratory

Target values for osmolality

High comparability with patient samples
Contains more than 95% human serum, no added preservatives or stabilizers


Substrates Enzymes Elektrolytes Proteins Drugs
Bili total a1-Antitrypsin Calcium a1-acid glycoprotein Amikacin
Bili direct Amylase Chloride a2-macroglubin Carbamazepine
Cholesterin AP Iron Albumin Chindin
Creatinin CHE Potassium APO A1 Digoxin
Ethanol CK Copper APO B Gentamycin
Glucose GGT Lithium ASL Methotrexate
Uric Acid GLDH Magnesium b2-Mikroglobulin Paracetamol
Urea GOT Sodium C3 Phenobarbital
HDL GPT Osmolality C4 Phenytoine
Lactat LDH Phosphate Coeruloplasmin Salicylate
LDL Lipase Zinc CRP Theophylline
Total Protein P-Amylase   Ferritin Tobramycin
Triglyceride Acid phosphatase   Haptoglobin Valproic acid
      IgA/ IgG/ IgM Vancomycin

Please note:
Analyte composition and analyte concentration may vary with each lot or instrument. Refer to the package insert of currently available lots for specific analyte and stability claims.



Instrument specific values for:

Beckman AU / DxC 700 AU
Abbott Alinity

Your device is not listed yet? Please contact us (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 089 / 319 047 14)

Art. No

  • REF 110 031
    (6 x 5 ml)
    Autonorm™ Clin Chem Liq L-1
  • REF 110 032
    (12 x 5 ml)
    Autonorm™ Clin Chem Liq L-2
  • REF 110 033
    (12 x 5 ml)
    Autonorm™ Clin Chem Liq L-3


at ≤ -20 °C stable until the expiry date. 

14 days at 2…8 °C
1 month aliquoted at -20 °C